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OBiLINE FXO to USB Phone Line Adapter

OBiLINE FXO to USB Phone Line Adapter
OBiLINE is a small add-on accessory that works with USB equipped OBi200, OBi202, OBi504, OBi508 VoIP devices as well as the OBI IP Phone models, the OBi1032 and the OBi1062 to provide PSTN (or POTS) connectivity to phones attached to the OBi as well as to calls bridged from VoIP services to a land-line service via the OBi.
Easy to use

There a number of ways to place a call with OBiLINE. The most direct way is to dial ## before the number you wish to call. For example, with a phone connected to one of the phone ports of the OBi device, dial ##.This method may only be used by phones attached to the OBi device’s phone port(s). Then, wait a moment for the dial tone and then dial the complete number of the person whom you wish to reach.

The other method is to dial **70, followed by the destination number, to route a call to the service connected to the OBiLINE device, e.g. **70-1-212-555-1234. This method is useful when you are bridging a call to the landline service connected to OBiLINE via the OBi Attendant or wish to add a third party to an existing VoIP call – for a 3-way call.

When a call comes in from the landline service, by default, both phone ports will ring their attached phones. This behavior may be modified using the web portal and the associated configuration settings for the OBi device’s LINE service.

Some OBi device users may use the OBiLINE connected to their landline for emergency 911 calls. This can be set-up using the web portal and configuring the emergency calling service selection on your OBiLINE device.

Here are some of the things you can do with an OBiLINE USB to FXO adapter:
  • Make Calls to a Land-Line Service from Phones Connected to the OBi
  • Route Incoming Calls from Land-Line to OBi Device Phone Ports
  • Bridge Calls from Land-Line with VoIP Services (Google, SIP, OBiTALK)
  • Easy Configuration via the OBiTALK Web Portal
  • Note: Only One (1) OBiLINE per OBi VoIP Device May be Used

Frequently asked questions about the OBiLINE

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